Ash Circle Video
vid capture breath
Ash Circle Promotional Trailer (3 minutes)
Get a taste of what you're in for.

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Hallelujah image
"Hallelujah"  - Halifax 2004 (7 minutes)

The final piece from our 2004 finale show, a special gift to the people of Halifax. To those who were there, thanks for being with us.  A video can't do an event like this justice, but we hope this will be a nice reminder.
Hallelujah - Windows Media format (Large: 39.4Mb)

wheel of life
Clips from our shows

Ivan breathes a tower at Halifax Buskerfest
Ivan's Breath - Quicktime format (Small: 844Kb)
Rosie feeds Ivan fire
Rosie's feed - Quicktime format (Small: 2.1Mb)
Loki finishes the Wheel of Life
Wheel of Life - Quicktime format (Small: 1.4Mb)