The Disciplines
Some of the skills Ash Circle presents for your amazement...
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Fire Poi
This rhythmic dance form from Polynesia takes on a new level of excitement at the hands of Loki as he moves and bends his body in time with the music.
Fire Eating and Contact Fire
There's no trick here, no "cold fire", no ointment for the skin. Fire eating and contact fire are what they seem. Ivan performs more fire eating stunts warming up the crowd than most performers do in a whole show. Jaws drop as Ivan lights his body, hands, head, and even his tongue on fire for your entertainment.
dagger shot
Rope Dagger
Based on a Chinese Wushu weapon form, rope dagger is as deadly as it is beautiful. You won't believe your eyes as Loki pops balloons directly out of Ivan's hands with this razor-sharp blade. You won't see this anywhere else!
fire breath
Fire Breathing
Ivan practices the European style of fire breathing, the most dangerous and spectacular form there is. Tower after tower of fire, each bigger than the last, lights up the sky in time to pulse-pounding music, as the audience screams and cheers him on.
tower of doom
Spinning Blades of Death
Years of martial arts and circus arts training  allow Loki and Ivan to perform the Tower of Doom: Loki spins deadly sharp blades on the ends of chains in intricate patters around his  body while on Ivan's shoulders and then pops a balloon out of Ivan's mouth!
Flaming Swordfight
This is no dance, it is a fierce flaming battle. Trained in heavy armoured combat, Ivan and Loki have been known to take out their frustrations on each other in astonishing fiery combat featuring full armour and flaming ancient weapons. The danger and excitement are both very real. This is an Ash Circle specialty.
rope torch
Rope Torch
Loki's martial arts training combines with the fire arts to create a special blend of movement and grace. The rope torch is swung, shot out, and wrapped around the arms, legs, neck, and body. Rope torch is one of the most difficult fire tools to master, and Loki makes it look easy and breathtaking all at once.
flaming doom
Flaming Spectacle of DOOM!
This is the unique finale for which Ash Circle is known and loved. Loki spins the rope torch up to speed, then shoots the ball of fire at Ivan's face. At just the right moment, Ivan breathes out a cloud of gas that ignites into a fireball... and then it really gets wild!